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     In addition to working directly with municipal clients, Keystone Alliance Consulting has partnered with numerous engineering consultants to provide a broad range of municipal financial services. This relationship greatly expands the capabilities of firms that do not possess in-house personnel with expertise in the municipal financial area. Further, this enables an organization to be a full-service company comparable to larger regional or national consultants. In turn, this allows the firm to utilize its resources efficiently and economically while serving its client.

     Keystone Alliance Consulting is an organization of dedicated professionals that can assist engineering consultants and their clients in reaching their goals in the area of municipal finance. In our support role we have completed rate filings for submission to the Public Utility Commission, prepared cost-of-service rate studies, calculated tapping fees and other developer-related charges, and assisted with bond and note financings for capital projects. Also, we have observed a shift toward the need for valuation studies in connection with the sale or acquisition of municipal/private systems. This has become very important in the age of privatization and regionalization.

     Partnering with Keystone Alliance Consulting may provide the competitive edge in today’s consulting engineering business. From water and sewer rate making to tapping fee calculations, from financial modeling to federal and state assistance programs, each of the services provided by Keystone Alliance Consulting has an effect on the bottom line. After all it is often the financial impact of a project that determines its success or failure.

     To arrange for a meeting to discuss a mutually beneficial alliance and/or review our Statement of Qualifications just click on the Contact link or call 215-840-0934.


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