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Warwick Township Stover Mill Hartsville Area Asset Valuation Study

Warwick Township Stover Mill Hartsville Area Asset Valuation StudyKeystone Alliance Consulting was hired by the Warwick Township Water and Sewer Authority to conduct an asset and income based valuation of the Stover Mill/Hartsville Area system, which was owned and operated by a neighboring municipal authority. The study was intended to provide a framework for ongoing negotiations involving the transfer of operation and ownership.

Keystone performed the following services in connection with the valuation study:

Visited the above ground facilities of the sewer system to assess the general condition of those facilities and to verify the remaining useful life.
Prepared a water and sewer system inventory for all components.
Reviewed operating, financial and customer data, whenever possible.
Developed a cash flow analysis for the water and sewer system under different rate assumptions.
Developed estimated costs to upgrade the above ground facilities.
Compared the impact for the existing system customers between Warminster and the Authority rates.


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